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“Wild, Wicked & Wondrous”
Now Through November 30th, 2014

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“Red Breasted”
Judith Thompson

“Wild, Wicked & Wondrous” involves the works from 7 artists. The two painters, Judith Thompson and Bill Jonas, use vivid color and imagery - sometimes whimsy - to bring us into their thought-provoking world. The show also features two incredible potters from the region, Jason Alexander and Barbara Allen. While the two use very different building and firing techniques, the result from both of them is a warm beauty from fine craftsmanship.

Robert T. Cole was a nationally recognized metal sculptor who passed away last year at the age of 74. Mr. Cole created life-size stainless steel and bronze sculptures. He also created small tabletop bronze casted sculptures which will be offered as limited edition bronze casts through special order. Each sculpture is cast and individually hand-finished.

While “Wild, Wicked & Wondrous” may be a departure from what a typical Middleburg visitor might expect to find in this historic, hunt country town, the show is both interesting, intriguing and inviting.

Find these impressive artworks at the Middleburg Arts Project Gallery, along with sculptures by Peter Wood and furniture designs by Chris Mann.


Middleburg Arts Project Gallery 2014 Schedule 

Dec 2014
Quilts for Art’s Sake
December 5th – December 28th
Reception:  Dec 12th, 5-8 pm
Meet the Artists: Dec 13
th, 2 - 5 pm
Featured Artists:
Kathie Ratcliffe, Frederick Nunley and Jane Frenke

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"Middleburg is known for its gracious hospitality. A quaint village nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the bustling DC-Metro area, Middleburg is a mix of small town charm and DC culture. It is a place that boasts a world-class resort and a cozy country bakery within a quarter mile of each other. Allowing visitors to take in the ease of hunt country living while feeling like they never left Northern Virginia."

Middleburg, an Arts Destination!


The Middleburg Arts Project is a 501c3 nonprofit organization

Artist Peter Wood is the President of the
Middleburg Arts Project and also serves as chair of the Middleburg Arts Council.
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